2023-11-08: Ooh, after the success of the Super Mario Bros Movie they’re making a live-action Legend of …

2023-08-13: 📽 Watched Interstate 60.

2022-12-22: 📽 Watched The Santa Clause 2.

2022-12-02: Watched My Cousin Rachel📽.

2022-10-22: Watched No Time To Die 📽.

2022-10-03: Watched The Last Witch Hunter 📽️ Val Kilmer is an 800 year old witch hunter, cursed to eternally …

2022-09-26: Watched Everything Everywhere All At Once 📽.

2022-08-09: Watched Primal Fear 📽 over the weekend.

2022-07-03: Continuing my mostly subconscious attraction to media that has a “is anything real?” vibe - maybe because the common definition of reality often feels like an ARG at present - I watched 1997’s The Game 📽.