Days out

2023-08-28: Experiencing the Dream Machine

2023-08-18: Getting real SimCity vibes from the view today.

2023-06-29: A trip to the Van Gogh Immersive Experience

2023-06-25: A day of musical fun in the sun, perhaps to be banned in the US

2023-06-13: The bronze elephants of Spitalfields

2023-03-28: From a recent visit to Doddington Hall - which had surprisingly few flowers given the event was …

2022-11-13: The British Museum, London, inside and out.

2022-10-09: On my way back from a very enjoyable New Scientist Live show, the first IRL one I’ve attended since the scourge of Covid started.

2022-10-09: Sir John Betjeman, poet, as immortalised in St Pancras railway station, London, having campaigned …

2022-08-24: Seeking the world's best ice-cream - a trip to Pizzo

2022-08-24: A brief trip to Capo Vaticano

2022-08-15: Celebrating Ferragosto in Italy