📽 Watched Interstate 60.

Fun coming-of-age-roadtrip type movie about a young man who is torn between following the life he wants as an artist vs the life his rich father and girlfriend should want, as a lawyer with a fancy red car.

After suffering an injury he ends up in a hospital where he learns that everything is perception, and perception isn’t necessarily reality. Somehow this gets him into a parcel-delivery mission down a non-existent highway, accompanied at times by a unusual genital-free man who grants peoples' wishes for better or worse - shades of a much more relaxed and horror-free Wishmaster - via smoking a weird monkey-shaped pipe. Guided by an extremely prescient Magic 8-ball and visions of a lady only he can see, he sets out to delivery his parcel and of course along the way make those all-important life decisions.

Whilst this might imply existential wrangling, it’s pretty much light-hearted fun and games in this case. It’s written and directed by Bob Gale who also co-wrote Back to the Future. A couple of the same actors appear - Christopher Lloyd who was Back to the Future’s Doc Brown, and Michael J. Fox who of course was Marty McFly, and it often has similar kinds of vibes.

A lot more enjoyable than I first expected given I’d never heard of it before.

Interstate 60 film poster