It should be noted that whilst Snapchat might be the first major social network to let you directly chat to a cutting-edge AI in the same manner as your friends, there’s been several efforts from smaller developers of varying levels of quality and wisdom.

God In a Box has been around a while, and lets you integrate ChatGPT into Whatsapp, so you can chat to it in the same way as your IRL pals. One of the examples on the home page seems to show someone using it to construct a sick note to send to their employer, good times.

And then there’s Historical Figures Chat and its ilk. This genre of AI apps lets you talk to AI versions of historical and/or famous people in a messenger-like interface. Infamously, HFC provides you with access to none other than the (inaccurately) simulated mind of Adolf Hitler and his top henchmen. Absolutely no way that could end up being problematic, I’m sure.