On my way back from a very enjoyable New Scientist Live show, the first IRL one I’ve attended since the scourge of Covid started.

Below are the names of the talks I attended. Plenty of fascinating material in there to inspire future posts, as well as a problematically large number of related books I now want to read.

  • The dark history and troubling present of eugenics, by Adam Rutherford.
  • The pattern seekers, by Simon Baron-Cohen.
  • Making sense of screen time, by Dr. Karl.
  • Believing the unbelievable: the science of paranoia and conspiracy thinking, by Nichola Raihani.
  • Black holes, by Jeff Forshaw.
  • Ultra-processed food, by Chris and Xan van Tulleken.
  • A new force of nature? By Harry Cliff.
  • The geological record of climate change, by Christopher Jackson.
  • DNA family secrets, by Turi King.