I see the queue of people waiting their turn to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin - now known across the internet as The Queue - now has its own Wikipedia page. Although perhaps not for long; the discussion as to whether it should be deleted for not being notable enough for its own page is ongoing.

By reading the debate, I learned that by deliberately limiting its length to 5 miles the queue controllers are preventing it from reaching the length of the queue for the grave of the current world record holder for the largest funeral gathering. This was the funeral of Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai in India, whose funeral was apparently attended by 15 million people, with a queue of 6 miles.

Earlier today the Queen Elizabeth queue maxed out its allocated length, with wait times expected to be at least 14 hours. The Queue was thus temporarily closed to new entrants. Cue the queue for The Queue.

For people that don’t mind spoilers, a live stream of the destination of the queue is available from the BBC. Although I find the coverage a little creepy because the camera often focuses in on individual mourners rather than the coffin.

I hope that they have been made aware that their expression of sorrow is being transmitted to the world at large. For me, that would surely take something away from what I’d expect to be a solemn, personal and perhaps emotional moment.